Why Prosperity? with Chris Hawker

By Chris Hawker

Today we're sharing a couple of questions we asked one of our newer Advisers, Chris Hawker, about why he decided to make the switch from his old role to join us here at Prosperity.

Here's what Chris had to say...


Why Prosperity Wealth?

Positive vibe as soon as I walked into office for 1st time!

Given balanced view of the business and IFA role by Matt B and Stew B

IFA (Whole of Market). I've always wanted to do it as I feel I'm now offering the best solutions I can to clients. Genuine independence re: products/platforms and an investment committee to sort the wheat from the chaff!

New/ongoing business support in all aspects of my business - from LOAs to RCFs to crafted recommendation reports and business submission.

Ability to work with the clients I choose to. So refreshing…

Allocated a mentor and compliance support to assistance with all aspects of sales process.

Friendly welcome from existing skilled IFAs. So many went out of their way to say welcome me and offer support when I joined.

The best thing about being an adviser?

Clients response to Prosperity Independent financial Advice proposition!

Free to manage workload and working days.

Make a real difference. Saving a family 10‘s of thousands of IHT is a privilege and greatly appreciated by clients.

Better work life balance.

More time to increase product knowledge and build personal advice skills.


Thanks Chris! Keep your eyes out for more posts like this over the coming weeks. If you're an Adviser that's potentially interested in following in Chris' footsteps, email Matt.Bell@Prosperitywealth.com to let him know why.


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