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Why have Independent Financial Planning?

Accessing independent financial planning is a necessary step for anyone who wants to be financially secure and successful, because it gives you access to a range of benefits you could never obtain without it.

  • Impartiality: Seeking independent financial advice is essential for anyone who wishes to make sound financial decisions, as people without training and experience can often be irrational and emotional when trying to make financial decisions for themselves. Independent financial planning offers the assurance of objective and rational expert advice.
  • Proficiency: Our expert independent financial advisors have a collective experience of managing over £1bn of funds for over 5,000 clients. Thus, by choosing one of our independent advisors, you will be gaining the knowledge and skills of someone with years of successes already under their belt.
  • Legal Expertise: In the UK, there are many complex rules and regulations. An independent financial planner will be up to date with the latest legal developments and will have the skills to know what to do, meaning that you will have peace of mind knowing it is all being taken care of for you.
  • Co-operation: While we are independent financial advisors, we are still a team. Prosperity Wealth has a highly skilled team of professionals, each with their own particular specialisms, which we use for the profit of every one of our clients to ensure that our advice is truly comprehensive.
  • Forethought: By utilising our wealth of expertise and experiences, we are able to offer our clients the assurance of secure and sound financial advice which will keep their wealth protected in the future.
  • Guarantee: By electing to go down the route of obtaining independent financial planning, you will ensure that you are receiving expert advice from professionals whose priority is to help you achieve your financial goals. You will also sleep soundly knowing that Prosperity Wealth is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), so everything we say will be in line with the legal framework which was established to protect you and your money.


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