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Prosperity Wealth have considerable experience in helping customers maximise their finances.


To maximise returns on your savings you need to take a proactive approach to ensure your money is not lying dormant, failing to realise its potential.

Leaving savings in the same account for over 12 months will be damaging to your overall, long term, financial wealth. That’s why we have extended our service to help you manage your savings and ensure they are benefitting from the maximum rates of interest available.

Most banks and building societies continually reduce the amount of interest they pay to their long-term savers and can make it difficult for long-term savers to obtain the necessary information on any new savings accounts they may have on offer. They do this to maximise the profit they make as any interest they pay to you comes straight out of their profits. Leaving your savings with any single savings provider for a long period of time will therefore, most likely, mean you are not maximising the potential value of your savings.

With over 100 account providers available*, offering the protection of the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)**, it’s essential that savers review the whole market.

It’s estimated that up to 80% of savings held on deposit are not being actively managed and are therefore not achieving as much as they could. At Prosperity Wealth we’ve invested in you and through our effective cash management service provide the most competitive savings accounts on the market.

Whether you’re looking after your own savings or looking after cash on behalf of a client or a loved one, for more information please contact steve.davies@prosperitywealth.com


*Some of the 100+ account providers are overseas national banks, which some people may deem unsuitable. These include banks such as; Bank of Cyprus, National Bank of Greece, First National Bank (Nigeria), etc. We have defined the most suitable savings account market, for our clients, to include any savings provider with a commercial or retail trading presence within the UK. We do not consider accounts offered by overseas national banks to fall into our suitability category. We will therefore review all of these providers every time you require a savings solution, to ensure we identify the best accounts for you within our selection of circa 75 providers. **The Financial Services Compensation Scheme is a protection scheme of last resort. It provides a level of security on the first £85,000 saved with each individually protected savings provider. This means that having an account in joint name offers £170,000 of FSCS protection, or if one person has £170,000 saved with 2 different account providers (each with their own licence), the same applies. The FSCS applies terms and conditions. It is therefore important to obtain professional advice and to consider this when choosing your savings account provider(s).