Pension Advice in Worcester

Help with Pensions in Worcester

We understand that getting to grips with your pension can be difficult, which is why Prosperity Wealth is here to guide you. If you need help understanding or managing your pension, then look no further. Our clients come to us for many reasons, including:

  • To know their pension’s value.
  • To withdraw a tax-free cash sum from their pension.
  • Further understand a pension drawdown.
  • Plan at what age they can start withdrawing their pension.
  • Manage how their pension is performing, and what options they have.
  • Understand what to do with multiple pensions.
  • Increase knowledge of what their pension will be worth by their proposed date of retirement.
  • To understand pension management fees and charges.
  • Examine new pension possibilities.
  • To understand different types of pensions.
  • Looking to know more about pension investments.
  • Begin planning to provide employees with a pension.
Our Pension Advisor Services

To help you understand how we help, we have summarised the process in four clear steps:

The Best Retirement Income Plan For You

In your initial pension review, we will focus on understanding your situation, the current policies you have in place, your goals for retirement and your feelings about investments.

Providing Expert Financial Advice in Worcester

We will evaluate the information you have given us and explore options to find what would work best for you. We will present you with viable options in order to put together the best bespoke plan for you.

Put Your Pension Plan Into Action

We will do all of the paperwork for you so that everything is in place.

We Will Continue To Manage Your Pension Plan

We will remain in touch, updating you as we regularly review your pension plan.


Let Us Help

Let Us Help