Nick Adamthwaite


Nick has been an Adviser here at Prosperity since 2017 and specialises in helping his clients set and achieve short-, medium- and long-term goals. He covers pensions, investments and life insurance, underpinning everything he does with cashflow modelling… which he even got some press coverage for recently (

Since joining us back in 2017, he has shown a keen interest in helping out with the marketing side of things here at Prosperity. This has developed into Nick now being an integral part of our in-house marketing team. He also focuses time and energy into researching and speculating about the future of the UK Financial Advice industry, and he’s always coming up with new ideas and innovations for us to introduce here at Prosperity to improve our own Advice process.

As well as this, Nick’s a keen believer in understanding the importance of investor behaviour. For instance, how “as humans, we’re hard-wired to make bad decisions when it comes to investing”. Outside of Prosperity, Nick has a variety of hobbies. These range from playing and watching football, to running his own clothing brand.



Nick helped me when I’d bought my first house and wanted to make sure I was protected against any potential financial issues in the process. As a result of this, I was able to start actively investing in the stock market. I’m typically a risk averse person, so to have the support of Nick and him talk me through all decisions in detail, has been of great benefit to me and my money! I now feel much more confident with Nick by my side and am no longer checking the value of my portfolio everyday, which is great for my stress levels! Would highly recommend Nicks services to anyone else in a similar situation, he’s super friendly, will earn you money and even has some football knowledge! – William Davis

When looking for help with my finances, I was looking for two things: Firstly, knowledgeable investment advice based on research I felt I could trust. The second, was pro-active, courteous and approachable customer service, where there were no stupid questions and complex concepts were explained in an easy to understand manner. Nick was able to provide both of these to me. I feel much more at ease now knowing I am making the most of my money and also feel much more comfortable understanding ISAs, pensions and stocks & shares. – Nick Burnley-Hall

Nick is superb. If you want someone who gets you, and has mastery over financial planning, don’t go any place further. – Vimal Balasubramaniam

Spoken with Nick who did a great job helping me with my financial planning in easy to understand terms. – Daniel Clarke



To get in touch with Nick, please contact him via, or on 07947 253329.


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