Well done Matt Williams

By Matt Bell

Chairman Matt Williams has recently given us all a shining example of the great client service we provide here at Prosperity Wealth.

10 years ago, Matt's clients were sold a 'second charge loan' by a recognisable high street bank that we will refrain from naming.  This bank then sold on this loan to another unnamed firm who then themselves sold the original loan onto a third firm. This third firm then went on to charge Matt's clients an obscene interest rate that even went up to as high as 11% per annum during the credit crunch, when bank base rate was 0.50%. When hearing about this, Matt felt this was completely unfair and decided to pursue a complaint on behalf of his clients from September 2019 onwards, with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Fast-forward to last week and Matt received confirmation from his clients that his hard work and diligence has paid off, with them announcing they've been awarded compensation of £88,000.

The clients were obviously delighted and asked what fee is due for his work. Matt confirmed there is no additional fee and all part of his ongoing service.

Matt, on behalf of all of us here on Team Prosperity, well done and keep up the good work.


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