Too Good To Go – #MotivationalMonday

For the past couple of years we've been sharing motivational quotes on a Monday to help our followers get the week off to a good start. We've decided to widen the goalposts a little and are going to use our #MondayMotivation slot to share all sorts of motivational and inspiring stories going-forward.

This week, we wanted to use it talk about a company that is on a mission to tackle food waste in the UK - Too Good To Go.

Too Good To Go provides a platform that allows people to purchase surplus, unsold food. It's not just about providing the marketplace and infrastructure that allows businesses to sell this food though. It's also about education.

According to Too Good To Go, over 9,000,000 tonnes of perfectly edible food is wasted each year in Europe as a result of people simply not knowing the difference between a 'Sell by' date and a 'Use by' date. This accounts for a total of 10% of Europe's total food waste, which suggests a little education could go a long way towards saving the planet...

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