Time Machine – Trevor Willday

By Trevor Willday

We're rounding off this week with a #ProsperityTimeMachine post from Trevor Willday. Check out what advice he'd give to someone in their early thirties below...


As a newly-wed with two young children, life at the time was incredibly busy and sometimes draining. Me and my wife worked full time, so the children were in expensive childcare when we were at work. We had to move to a bigger house to accommodate all the extra room needed as the kids got bigger. All of this puts strain on costs and life can seem very tough.


However, a wise old friend pulled me to one side one day, when he could see I was struggling while thinking of the future. In particular, my financial future, as how could I possible save for retirement with all this going on? He was about 20 years older than me and had experienced what I was going through but reassured me with the following overview...


In your 20’s, you're out socialising and enjoying life. Spending all your money on holidays and going out.

In your 30’s, you will settle down. Maybe get married, and if you're lucky enough, have 1 or 2 children.

In your 40’s, you are moving from huge financial commitments to thinking about your retirement.

In your 50’s, you are fully focused on retirement and this becomes a main financial commitment.


Speaking as someone who has just turned 49, reaching your 50’s arrives sooner than you think! I have that good friend to thank for focusing my mind and helping me understand that you can’t do everything all at once. Financial priorities change as you go through different life stages and I am a million miles away from where I was 25 years ago.


Taking financial advice at each stage in your life will look very different each time. Regardless, at every stage, it is still a vital part of planning for your future.


Life is a marathon and not a sprint!


- Great work Trev. Great advice, too. Have a great weekend everyone! 


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