National Numeracy Day 2021

By Nick Adamthwaite

Today marks National Numeracy Day 2021, as organised by the charity ‘National Numeracy’. 

This year, NND has three core themes crucial to the nation’s wellbeing:

1. Supporting children’s numeracy

2. Managing your money

3. Numeracy for work.

(No prizes for guessing which one we’re going to focus on going-forward…)

It’s not about us today though, it’s about shining a light on the impact NND, and National Numeracy in general, have on the lives of countless children across the country. 

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks as we’ll be sharing some posts and videos that should go towards helping you manage your money. 

Please check out the link below to see what’s in store for tomorrow… you never know, you might even stumble upon a celebrity or two.


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