My Prosperity Experience – Rachel Jefferson

By Rachel Jefferson

From Employment to Self-Employment...

Making the jump and leaving the safety net of employment is always difficult, but when you look back you do think to yourself  “why did I not do it sooner”?

I am, by nature, a very cautious person. When I first started in the industry, I enjoyed the security of a regular salary, employer pension contributions, along with all the other Employee Benefits and perks that come along with having employed rather than self-employed status. I had always thought about managing my own business though, especially given the flexibility that it could provide for me, what with being a working mum with lots of hobbies.

The main thing standing in my way was fear. Fear that I'd be going it alone; fear that being my own boss would mean I'm the only employee of the company; fear that I'd have nobody to talk to.  For those that know me, I like to talk!

Joining Prosperity Wealth was the ideal solution. It was perfect - like a hybrid of being both employed and self-employed. Now, six years in, I’m in a position to grow my own business but within the supportive structure of the larger company.

Prosperity provides me with the support of Paraplanners, Administrators, Marketing, Compliance, and not to mention IT. This really helps me focus on my role as an independent financial adviser and allows me to really strive in order to be able to what I think is the priority... deliver a quality service to my clients.

I feel that as I approach the age of 50, I have the division of my time and focus between working and family time just right.


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