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Tired of targets and micro-management?

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Check out Matthew Williams’s frank and personal explanation of his time here at Prosperity Wealth to understand a little more about what joining our team could mean for you.

When I started working at a bank back in September 1999 as a fresh-faced 27 year old, I had some experience, having been a Branch manager at a building society for a couple of years beforehand. Nothing quite prepared me though for the next seven years of really tough hard work. I was often doing circa 15 appointments a week, working long hours, working nights – not to mention good parts of most weekends too. All the while I was preparing cases and trying my very best to achieve performance standards of completing five cases per week, week-in week-out, at all times of the year. I didn’t realise it at the time but I was often stressed out of my mind as a result of the pressure I largely put on myself to make sure I achieved the standards I set.  This led, in my view, to my marriage breaking down, along with a real lack of good personal relationships within or outside work due to the majority of my focus being placed purely on hitting my targets at work.

I think, along with my colleagues Matt Bell, Paul Evans and Richard Marks, elected to make a change in life – and this is when Prosperity Wealth, independent financial advisers was formed. We do work hard still, but it’s not all the time like back my previous role at the bank, and the client remains at the centre of everything we do. Regarding my personal life, I am now happily married and way more relaxed in life… and I only deal with clients I want to deal with. The only pressure as such is doing right by my friends who happen to also be clients. They are friends of mine not just clients and they share everything with me because they trust me and I trust them.

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