Finally some good news… COP26


With the world leaders meeting in Rome last week for the G20 summit and Glasgow this week for COP26, it's looking as though we're finally beginning to get some good news...

The G20 saw an historic agreement being reached that will see the profits of the world's largest businesses taxed at a rate of at least 15%. This has been done to stem the practice of multinational companies re-routing their profits through low tax jurisdictions.

Following on from this, reports coming out of Glasgow also seem to be a reason to smile... or at the very least, it's a sign that there is some hope left for the planet. The pick of the bunch in our opinion is the news about the agreement to end deforestation by 2030... especially given that Brazil has also seemingly agreed to it as well. (

Even though we know from past experience that it wouldn't be out of character for a government to promise one thing and deliver another, and with the jury still firmly out, it's at least looking like the powers-that-be are starting to finally wake up to the fact that the climate promise we're all facing isn't going to solve itself.

For now, we continue to await further announcements.


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