C’mon England (and Wales)!

By Mark Evans

Euro 2020 Donations

With the first round of group games complete, it’s time for us to announce that we’ve decided to donate £20 to the Black Country Food Bank for every goal England score at this year’s tournament. 

In honour of all his hard work outside of football over the past year, we’ve decided that should it be Marcus Rashford (MBE) that finds the back of the net for the Three Lions, it’ll be a donation of £100 instead of £20. 

Some of you might be wondering why we didn’t post this ahead of England’s opener against Croatia on Sunday. Some of us here are also wondering that too. The record states that there were ‘technical issues’ when coincidently began around Friday afternoon at 17:00, however the back pages are speculating about whether this was actually Nick Adamthwaite getting over-excited after an agonising three-year wait for International Tournament Football to return. 

Regardless, our Directors have decided to donate another £20 into the kitty to mark Wales’s equaliser on Saturday after, bringing us to a total of £40 after the first round of fixtures.

Keep your eyes peeled for an update on how we’re doing after the second round of group stage games… and here’s to hoping that we see Rashford play a few more minutes that he did on Sunday. 


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